A child benefit is the money given to the parents who are either employed or unemployed.

These benefits for the children are given to those who look after the child other then parents. This money will be given to only any one of the parents. This benefit is mostly given in the countries like England, Ireland, Scotland, and wales. It has not reached to entire part of the world.

Eligibility for getting the benefit

There are a few eligibilities for getting these benefits. You have to be a parent, responsible for the child. If you are away from the child and you pay to look after them. If your child is in an eligible form of education, with ages under 16 or under 20.If you have child, with the age above 16 and have  completed the education processes then the claim will be only extended to 20 weeks more. It is not compulsory to claim the child benefits. If you don’t want to claim it then it is not a problem. But registering for it is worth for insurance purposes. Child benefit can also help to pay your national insurance if you don’t earn much. This is only possible if your child is below 12 years of age.

If you are not the parent of the child, but if you are the care taker of the child then you can also get the benefits. It is possible to get the benefits as soon as the child starts living with you. Even if the adoption process is not complete then also you can get the benefits. This benefit is also given to those who look after their friends, relatives or any other child and their parents do not claim the benefits.

A fixed guardian allowance is given to those who look after a child whose have lost their original parents. The only thing you want to for this is to look after the child and pay the money for upbringing them.

Claim your child benefits

There exists a question about child care application. This can be done only by filling a form; this is called as a claim form. You can send this filled form to the child benefit office along with your child birth certificate or adoption certificate. If you have not got the adoption certification, then also you can get the benefits by sending the certificates later. If any other queries raise in-between then you can directly contact the child benefit office and enquire about it. 

Total amount of claim

The total amount of claim is depended upon the number of children in a family. Any one of the parent can only receive the money that comes directly into your account. It will come to your account on every four weeks of Monday or Tuesday and the amount will be approximately £20.50.If one of the parent earns more than a basic salary then you have pay taxes to get the claim.

Do not let this benefit go from your hands. You can register for this benefit and spend this money for bringing up your child.

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