Creative Baby Shower Gift

Beautiful And Creative Baby Shower Gift

How many times have we been invited to a baby shower and we find ourselves totally clueless as to what to give? This is actually not about money, it is about giving a meaningful gift and giving a creative baby shower gift. Unfortunately, many of us have mental blocks when it comes to a great gift, and end up getting what everybody else is getting, utility items –which are not bad, but are not great either. There is nothing to get excited seeing a Johnson & Johnson powder bottle, or a baby soap, etc.

Creative Baby Shower Gift

How To Have Fun While Making A Gift

An ideal gift is usually what would make a person extremely happy, because that is what she/he wanted in the first place. Hence, if you want to make a creative baby shower gift you will have to put in some effort. First of all, you will have to think from the view point of those who are inviting you. Do they have many friends who are likely to come the baby shower? Are there any among them who would get a baby shower gift? If yes, how many; if no – that is fine.

Depending upon your answer, you can decide what exactly you could give as your creative baby shower gift. Basically, the gift should be thrilling, as well as useful while staying well within the budget. Before you say it, I want to affirm that it is possible to have all the three above mentioned factors agree.

Pink gift box for baby shower

How about Baskets?

There are some lovely open baskets. In order to get your creative baby shower gift done, you will need that type of basket, a large sheet of colour cellophane, colourful ribbons for the basket and the contents of the gift. The contents of the gift could be organized over a theme. It could be a Disney World bed set, with mattress, pillows, pillow covers, bed curtains, side cushions and so on all made like and with Disney characters – and presto – you have your creative baby shower gift.

Alternatively, you could fill it with different toys relevant for the baby from ground 0 to her/his first birthday. This would include the round-and-round thing that they tie above the bed when he/she was too small, then teething toys which he/she can bite happily, then cars or dolls (as per gender) and a lot of soft toys. Soft toys are ageless and can be indulged by 3 years old as well as 40 years old and above. There can be no other more beautiful baby shower gifts for a baby!

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