Create Lasting Memories With Baby Shower Corsages

Create Lasting Memories With Baby Shower Corsages

Like weddings and other formal celebrations, mothers-to-be traditionally wear corsages during their baby showers. Baby shower corsages create great memories of a very special day, something a mother-to-be can save and include either in her own personal scrapbook, or in a book for the newborn baby. Most baby shower corsages for the mother-to-be are customarily floral, and require some attention to be properly dried and preserved to serve as a memento of the occasion. If you want to give the mother-to-be something extra to stick in her memory books, or want to have something fun to give out to all the other guests as well, non-floral baby shower corsages are a great idea.

Alternative Corsage Ideas

With a little creativity, you can easily make non-floral corsages for baby shower goodie bags, or even as gift toppers. Try taking different coloured nylon stockings and rolling them up to create little rosebuds. You can pin them to the corsage backing very easily. If you are unable to find pastel coloured stockings you can always purchase plain white stockings and dye them yourself.

Another even more cost effective idea is tissue paper. You can easily find an array of different coloured and patterned tissue paper, and you can usually buy it in bulk. Tissue paper lends to a wide range of creativity, and is a fun and easy way to make appealing flowers for your baby shower corsages. Instead of making them into wrist corsages you can buy some regular stick or safety pins, and make a nice decorative corsage pin instead.

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If you are a pressed for time and cannot afford to craft your own mock flowers, you can certainly just purchase artificial flowers from your local craft store. These are very easy to cut apart and to secure to either a nice wrist or pin corsage. Artificial flowers will look nice, and they will appeal to a more traditional look for your guests.

Of course, if none of the options mentioned above are an option due to extreme time constraints, or just a lack of desire, you can always find ready made non-floral baby shower corsages at a party supply store. No matter what you end up using for your baby shower corsages, you are still creating lasting memories for everyone in attendance, and even the one very special guest who has not yet arrived!

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